a menos que seja para comer a psiquiatra

(...) Performing cunnilingus and visiting a woman psychiatrist are both ill-advised activities that can brand a man as a “finook”. During a golf game, Tony teases Uncle Junior by hinting at his penchant for oral sex, and Junior returns the taunt in reference to Tony’s therapy: “At least I can deal with my problems”. Tony himself struggles with the feeling that he is compromising his masculine image by seeing Dr. Melfi. When Jennifer tells him about Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, in which one bite of a madeleine unleashed a tide of memories, Tony is disdainful: “This sounds very gay”, he retorts. “I hope you’re not saying that”. Jennifer’s reference to Proust may be questionable technique (it makes her look a bit like a show-off), but it’s hard to see the connection between madeleines and homosexuality unless you happen to be a Mob boss. (...)

[Glen O. Gabbard, The Psychology of The Sopranos, Basic Books, NY, 2002]
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